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February 12, 2018
Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas

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You might be short on time to snag a little something for Valentine’s Day, but the important thing to remember is that it’s just the thought that counts. We don’t buy each other gifts for Valentine’s Day – instead we usually just use it as an excuse to make a an extra delicious dinner at home and drink wine together. MG was out of town last weekend and with the rain this past weekend I had to set the menu before he got home, but we’re both excited for what will be one of the more delicious meals we’ve made together. 

If you do want to get your loved one something, don’t fear it’s not too late. If you can’t run to any of these stores in person you can always still show that you’re being thoughtful and put a picture of it in a card letting her know it’s on its way. Trust me, she won’t care. 

1. Mejuri jewelry – one of my favorite brands and something I own a few pieces of now – I love how simple their jewelry is and how affordable their pieces are. I’m obsessed with this bond necklace for something special and this simple ring for a little something as well.

2. Allbirds sneakers – a great everyday gift for guys and gals and for under $100 something you’ll guarantee that they make the most of!

3. Lunya silk pajamas – I haven’t tried these myself yet, but these are on my list! Silk PJ’s are so comfortable and these are guaranteed to be worn time and time again. 

4. Cooking class – if you enjoy cooking, this is a failsafe idea. It’s so much fun to cook together and learn new tricks and techniques to take home. There are usually local options in most cities and also some through Williams-Sonoma!

5. Patagonia pullover – this may seem like an un-sexy, boring option, but I’m telling you no one will be mad at it if they don’t already own one. My parents have given MG one for Christmas and we both wear ours regularly in the winter. There’s something about receiving a pullover that’s more fun than buying it for yourself.

6. Cuyana Tote – a classic gift like this tote is perfect for any occasion, but an even more unexpected surprise for something like Valentine’s Day. Cuyana is one of my favorite brands for classics that will never go out of style.

7. Le Labo perfume – hands down my favorite scent, but comes at a price. I haven’t broken down and bought it for myself but it’s a scent that she’s guaranteed to love.

8. Running shoes – it’s really tough to find shoes that you can actually run in these days and let alone that are cute. I picked up a new pair in the fall, but if I were looking I’d definitely get this Nike pair . Neutral and so pretty!

9. Massage – you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t gladly take a gift certificate for a massage any day of the week. I know it’s one of my favorite ways to be pampered and de-stress. Try a local place or if you’re looking for something in-home there’s Zeel.

10. Away suitcase – if you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love my Away bag! We use it basically every time we travel, even if it’s just out to Connecticut. There’s a color for everyone and you can even get it personalized now. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

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