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February 16, 2018
Life Lately, Vol. 9

I find myself thinking about content more than I’ve been able to create it lately. Usually when that happens it means I’m overdue for a personal life catchup with you guys. Having a space to create can be both a blessing and a curse when you’re not feeling so creative–something I’ve struggled with as of late.

I’ve gotten a few requests to do a Q&A series so I’m going to kickstart that soon with some ideas coming from Insta-stories, so stay tuned!

So what else has been going on over here lately? Let’s see..

We’re really getting into cooking

My favorite thing to do right now after a long day or a long week is to come home and cook – I’m finding a new sense of therapy and release through it that I had heard people talk about but hadn’t experienced myself yet. Part of the joy in it truthfully is having someone to share it with and cook with (lookin at you MG), but I feel like I’m finally discovering a part of life that so many others are already on board with–and it’s amazing. I’m thinking about starting a series on what I’m teaching myself in the kitchen and learning (because I’m a complete beginner). What do you think?

Wedding Planning Update

We are starting to really get into the wedding planning! So far we have a date and a venue as you know, and up next we’re on the search for the dress, caterer, band and photographer. We’re hoping to keep the momentum going and keep checking things off as we go in advance. If you’re in the South I’d love to get some recommendations on great bands!

Currently loving

I’ve been trying to shop a little less right now because, well #weddingstuff and also because winter is the worst and I’m ready for a new season. While it does seem like we might’ve escaped the cold (hands up for 40’s and 50’s the next few weeks!) I’m dreaming of warmer weather still until all of this rain stops. In the meantime, these are my 5 favorite things I’ve put in my cart and kept there.

Small apartment updates

We’re settled in now to the point where all we need is one big piece of art, but I’m loving filling out the rest of our nooks and crannies and making small changes. I picked up this runner for our table and it looks beautiful underneath our candlesticks. I also snagged these two frames for photos I took out in Connecticut recently and hung them by our closet door. It’s the smallest things that help make a place feel like home! Now just have to justify this tray that I want for our coffee table :).

My Mom’s birthday is Saturday

While I usually don’t get to celebrate my Mom’s birthday with her in person, I always love sending her a little something so that she knows I’m thinking of her. This year I found a perfect card and there’s another surprise arriving today from us (I can’t say because she and her friends read my blog!). My favorite thing that my mom’s friends do are birthday dinners for all of their gal pals – it’s something she looks forward to every month and something I hope to have with my adult gal pals some day too!

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