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March 24, 2017
Celebrating Anniversaries

I realized recently that not everyone celebrates their anniversaries. If you’re married it’s a lot easier to celebrate because you have a set date that is marked forever, but if not what date do you use?

Call me sappy or sentimental, but I think it’s important to celebrate it on some day that you choose. Even though we see each other every day and have date nights all year, this one is extra special and a reminder of how lucky we are to have found each other.

Our anniversary is easy to remember – it was in the middle of March Madness and we had our first date on a Wednesday night at a bar not too far from my old apartment. It was raining and he had brought a huge golf umbrella and beat me to the bar. He sent me a text saying the bar was really crowded and he wasn’t sure if we could find a seat and when I walked in there were all of 3 people inside, including him.

I loved his wit, his smile and how easy it was to talk to him. We talked and drank for hours until we had to call it because it was a school night. That big golf umbrella was perfect for us to snuggle up on the short walk home and from that night on we were basically inseparable.

I’m not a fancy dinner kind of gal, but I love going to places that are cozy and special or new places for us to try together. So we’ll be toasting to 2 years of making each other laugh in a similar fashion tomorrow night at a romantic dinner just the two of us.

Do you celebrate your anniversary and if so, what do you do?

You 2 guys are adorable. I am not a blogger nor I work in anything related to fashion – I bumped into your blog sometime ago cause I love clothes and I am petite and I love love your style and how you keep it real and down to earth. Power to you girl. And happy anniversary!

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me :) I’ll share the sentiments with my man. Have a great weekend!

Aww, what a cute story, thanks for sharing! I’ve been with my partner for almost 10 years and our “anniversary” date is somewhat loose, depending on which one of us you ask! Over the years, we like to keep it simple and reminisce over a bottle of wine at home :)


That’s amazing! I love that :) it’s fun to celebrate and I love that everyone does something different.

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