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December 16, 2014
Holiday Gift Guide: For Him


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Shopping for guys can be really tough – my friends have been asking me for ideas for their significant others and so I’ve started making a list of the staples I usually think through when trying to buy anything for a dude.

  • Cool gadget — this shaving tool is incredible! It’s the Clarisonic for guys pre-shave and I can almost guarantee they will be thanking you for this (once you can get him to use it)
  • Bar/Drinking items – because let’s be honest, what guy doesn’t enjoy something related to this?
  • Watch — a worthwhile investment for a man looking for step up his watch game, perfect for a special occasion
  • Vest or Down Jacket – something comfortable and warm? Did I mention the vest is flannel lined and reversible?
  • Tie — every guy should own at least one really nice tie
  • Cufflinks or Tie Clip — same thing goes, you will wear them and you don’t need a ton of them but having a nice one is worth the investment
  • Something funny — the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly (food and laughter)
  • Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves necessarily and worth it — you know, like a solid pair of boots. Red Wings are the jam, they are very well made and look great with almost everything!
  • A little something for the office – My Dad loved framed photos for his office of our family, so what better than a little globe decor (that is especially nice after the work day ends)


If all else fails, go with something adventurous and gadget-y! They will be less likely to return it and there will be no issues with how it fits :). What are your go-to’s for shopping for the men in your lives?


Plaid scarf  •  Go Pro Hero  •  Polka dot silk tie  •   LUNA Shave cleaning system  •  Cufflink and tie clip set  •  Power card battery  •  Chronoscope watch  •  Reversible flannel vest  •  Wireless waterproof outdoor speaker  •  Keramikus knife set  •  Funny door mat  •  Blind Barber aftershave  •  Red Wing boots  •  Leather ipad sleeve  •  Herschel beanie  •  Globe decanter

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