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January 19, 2016
Caught Up

flowers, table, wood, mason jar

Long weekends! They should be filed under medicine in my opinion. I was sick all last week and finally think I shook whatever cold that just kept following me around. It was a nice excuse to take things easy and really settle into things now that January is in full swing. Oh, and it is absolutely freezing now so that certainly makes it easier to cozy up!

I spent a lot of my nights and weekend catching up on a very long post-holiday list of things to do. One of those things included finally getting to my Thank You notes from Christmas and my birthday. I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co (as I’m sure you are too) and my favorite thing about this set of 8 cards is that they’re all different – I love being able to mix it up without having to hunt down individuals. It’s also pretty cheap as far as cards go.. you can go to Papyrus and pay twice as much for one card #nothanks.

I’m enjoying the feeling of a little more freedom and trying to figure out what that means I can do with my extra time. I’m so used to running around like a crazy person and trying to squeeze in my errands, blogging, and phone calls here and there that when I finally have a full hour to do so or better yet half a day on a long weekend I almost feel lost. It’s new territory that I’m looking forward to exploring.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good book to start and have been happily cruising through Mad Men, a show I always knew I would love but never had time to watch. Outside of that I’m looking for ideas! What do you love to do in your free time when you’re all caught up?

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That picture of the flowers is so pretty. I have thank you cards from rifle paper co too! Not a mixed set though. But their stuff is just so beautiful.

xx freshfizzle

Next week we’ve got 5 days of a Staycation planned and I couldn’t be more pumped. My goals for the week are thank you notes, an IKEA trip, bang trim and a few meals out with friends. And, I know it isn’t a “book” but the Design issue of Kinfolk Magazine [issue 18 http://bit.ly/1lCUGkL%5D is full of inspiring essays and articles. I think you’d enjoy it! Have a good weekend, stay warm and enjoy the snow!

That’s so great! I love staycations.. good luck with your planning and have fun!!

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