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November 8, 2011
Carolina Herrera S/S 2012

vimeo Carolina Herrera S/S 2012 Finale


A very belated and Anna heavy post that was too good to be kept on my computer. I had the honor of not only attending the Carolina Herrera show this season (a HUGE thanks to Maiah a new friend who hooked me up via Maybelline NY), but I also attended my first show in the presence of some of the biggest names in fashion. It was truly a memorable show for me because it was so beautiful and I was truly in awe of being able to observe the reactions of the front row-ers. If you don’t know who’s who in fashion no worries – it’s so cliche but think back to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. The movie is based on Anna Wintour (see woman in bob & sunglasses above)… remember the scene where she is reviewing the collection in her sunglasses? The rumors are true – as soon as the lights went down her sunglasses went up and she was relatively stern throughout the entire show … until the finale. I found it incredibly comical that she was obviously explaining things to Nicki Minaj during the finale and was glad I caught some of that in the video. Not only that but I got her laughing AND smiling. Whoa. I hope you enjoyed the photos/video and sharing in this experience! I already cannot wait for February.



Oh my goodness! Love the photos – you’ve got some amazing talent there :)

And so happy I could share something fun with you after meeting you at the most fabulously planned event by you and your team. Can’t wait for February!

Maiah // Writing with Wine

Amazing photos, I can’t believe you got a shot of Anna smiling – it’s so rare to see that haha <3

Why does Nicki Minaj look so miserable?!

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