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March 18, 2012
As Of Late

{New Spring nail polishes | Backwards sweaters | Hermes Brooklyn Flea find | White nails}

{Mustache cookie | Kiley and Katie at the Brooklyn Flea | NYFW with Katie and Caitlin | Cookies from Chelsea Market}

{Inside Chelsea Market | Dinner in NY | Blogger’s Night Out | Yosi Samra flats}

{St. Germain | Coachella tickets | Downtown Chicago | Truffle parmesan popcorn}

{Zoya purpleish gray polish | Armswag | Crazy amazing Italian heels | Essie ‘A Crewed Interest’ + glitter}

{St. Patrick’s Day celebrations | Texas gals in town | Stripes and sequin outfit | Chicago skyline from the beach}

I’ve found myself living on Instagram lately – it’s the best and easiest way for me to share what has been going on. Lots happening and much to catch up on soon! Spring has hit Chicago and I’m loving it. I forget that this season exists after living in Texas for so long. I’m experimenting with lots of skirts and converse looks at work thanks to some inspo from Jules. Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patty’s day!

The moustache cookies are so adorable!! <3

Lost in the Haze: A Fashion Photography Blog

The new unofficially Coachella guide book is offered exclusively by Smashwords at: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/151795. I would love to be at Coachella 2012!

Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with instagram as well! Where’s the ring from in the photo with your white polish? I’d love to know, it’s gorgeous!

alex | http://www.imalittle.com | @lexniko

Hope you have a ton of fun at Coachella!

I was awarded the honor of the Liebster Award and I’m passing it on to you! Love your blog! Check it out! http://design-that-inspires.com/2012/03/spring-where-art-thou/


Yummm truffle parmesan popcorn! Seriously, my fav picture!

Great pictures – so glad to hear you’re enjoying your new city! :)

Thank ya!

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