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December 10, 2010
a peek at H&M’s new Dallas location

The highly anticipated wait is over! Well, almost. As of yesterday (12.8.10) Northpark Mall in Dallas has a new tenant – one of the most affordable and stylish retails chains in the world- H&M! Buuuuuut, the store you see on the wing with Victoria’s Secret, Bebe, J.Crew and more where the Express store used to be located is actually only a temporary kind of “pop up shop”. The store is pretty bare but has a variety of women’s and a small portion of men’s clothing. Is this the best thing that ever happened to shopping in Dallas? Not quite… at least not yet.

The real amazement will come when the real store opens in October 2011. Until then, this temporary store will serve to “educate” Dallas residents on what H&M is all about. That means there may be times when the small space is full of kids clothing, or has more men’s clothing, etc. with less of a focus on womenswear. Their larger stores in major cities are typically two stories and contain a variety of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing with everything from long dresses to casual wear and t shirts. This Dallas store will be similar to this and will eventually be a 2 story fashion haven (although I’m still trying to figure out where the store will be if that’s the case…) and will definitely be in Northpark Mall.

So enough about the dang store… what were the clothes like!? I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who has never visited an H&M before but has always wanted to it was probably the best thing they have ever seen and they are dying to go back every few weeks. If you’ve been to a bigger H&M store before or go to H&M often, it was a little disappointing honestly. I frequent the San Francisco store and have been to the New York and LA stores and several in Europe. I know it’s a temporary store, but I seriously felt like the clothes were poorly made and looked a little cheap. Normally I’m rather surprised at how great H&M’s quality is for their price point, especially because most of the larger stores carry looks made out of better materials and they do sell on the H&M expensive side reaching up to $100 or so (normally you can find dresses in the $30-$50 range that look amazing). But this was not the case. I picked up a handful of dresses that I liked but was really disappointed in a few things:

1) they were freakishly small. I have shopped H&M plenty in the past few months and some of the dresses were literally a size down from what they were marked as… I know H&M runs small but it seemed off the mark from what I normally see

2) they were freakishly inexpensive. I know H&M is really affordable, but I have never seen dresses for $9.95 there before and I did at this store. My theory is that they’re trying to lure people in with how ridiculously affordable this temporary store is, and once they open the real store even if the prices are slightly higher they will have hooked buyers.

3) they were freakishly lower quality. I know I already explained this, but for real it’s like they were made somewhere else. The only dress I liked was a one shoulder draped top long dress but was a spandexy, shiny material that was just not very elegant and this dress was still $50, so I passed.

4) there was a red and black motif that I wasn’t 100% into. I liked red, and I like black, and I have a lot of clothes in both… but seriously stock the store with some other colors. There was one rack that I remember of goldish and brownish clothes, but that was it. Most of the other stores carry softer, more natural fall/winter colors.

My final verdict: I am really pumped that Dallas is finally getting an H&M and can’t wait for the store to open so that when I visit my family I can swing by, but for those who are going with high expectations of what you have heard about H&M, you may want to wait hold on to those until October.

Check out some photos I took of the store! :)

i hope so too i’ll be checking back to see if it improves! :)

I’m really excited about H&M opening to Dallas and have been to several in the US and Europe. H&M has always ran small and sometimes the sizing is a bit off, I’ve never been just one size, always either 4 or 6. I’ve found their clothes to be almost the same quality as forever 21 actually, a few things have gotten holes after a couple of washes, I think it just depends on the fabric. I know that there are a lot of cheap clothes that are on sale for the holidays from the black friday sale. I also heard that they’re rotating every 2 weeks so hopefully the stock will get better!

omg that’s so glamorous! It looks like this real nice store called Agaci that I shop at omg so glamorous!

WOW!! Forever 21 got a facelift!! OMG! UGH!!

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