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This summer was all about minimalism – what can I wear that’s as uncomplicated as possible and let’s me spend more time out and about in the sun & with friends. When it came to makeup it was no different.

My normal routine in the fall and winter usually requires a bit more coverage due to the harsh winds and lower temperatures. One of my favorite things about the summertime is having more color in my face. I usually switch my routine completely to just a tinted moisturizer, a little concealer and bronzer to top it all off.

As someone who loves trying new things, I was ecstatic to learn about a new makeup line that is not only simple and easy but good for girls on the go. I’m usually heading to events after work and need to have something with me to touch up after a long day at the office.

After a few weeks of giving these a whirl, I’m hooked on the tinted face stickbronzer stick and blush stick. In one fail swoop they’ve made it so easy for me to get a dewy and natural look. They look like giant crayons and you basically just shade in the areas and use your fingers to blend – it’s super easy. The concealer crayon and the lipstick are my runner-ups and I’m excited to try out some of the eye products this fall. I think the brow pencil will be next on my list!

Does your makeup routine change with the seasons?


Blush •  Bronzer  •  Tinted Face Stick  •  Concealer  •  Lip Crayon

All products c/o Trestique, but as always all opinions are my own!

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