How To Create & Maintain A Perfect Bouquet

    flower bouquet 101, how to care for flowers, flower care 101, flower bouquets

    I’ve been really excited about this post for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I have been wanting to learn more about flowers for a long time. I’ve had quite the black thumb for as long as I can remember, but flowers are something I love and appreciate so much….

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    Black + White Basics

    express petites, black ripped skinny jeans, boyfriend blazer, petites, the view from 5 ft. 2

    Sometimes you have to just get back to the basics. The weather here in New York has been all over the place – one day it’s sunny and high 40’s and the next 3 are rainy and freezing. On most mornings when I’m getting dressed I’ve been thinking: simple and easy….

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