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May 14, 2014
How Low Can You Go

When it comes to interior design and home decor, I’m a bit of a rookie. Not for lack of inspiration, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I just enjoy styling with clothes and accessories much more than rooms! But when I do, I like to try my hand at it in my own way. I’ve never been one who was into really big, high beds. My sister had a four post bed that I always thought was cool in theory but when given the choice I went with something lower and sleeker.

When I moved a few years ago I was really excited to start fresh. Maybe this is actually apparent in some of my outfits, but I realized when trying to decorate my room that my overall style is actually much simpler than I thought. At the end of the day I just want a bed that I can crawl into and roll out of with ease. Can you blame me? I mean after all it has always been a little tricky to get up into those high ones anyways :).

I opted for a low bed frame and passed on a headboard. In fact, my bed is in a corner in my room and actually feels more like a nook than anything. I found that for me, less was more. I think I thought for a long time that having a low bed wasn’t very “grown up” of me, but then I realized that was silly and just to own it the same way I try to with the things I wear. What about you? What’s your bedroom decor style?

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Where did you purchase your linens in image 3? Would love that palate!

Funny…Every time I have tried to be “grown-up” and have a bed frame, box spring, etc., I have always ended up dragging my mattress right back onto the floor. Perhaps I’m remembering that past life in Old Japan….?

I have a loft condo and I keep my bed and box spring right on the floor. I’ve always really liked it that way. Lovely pics!

Style by Joules

Great minds think alike! Love it :)

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