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September 15, 2013
DIY: “Cheers” Bar Decor

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Pretty recently I made a big move and packed up my little studio apartment in River North and migrated to Lincoln Park to live with two of my friends. It was an exciting change for me that I’m absolutely loving!

We’ve been tweaking little things in our apartment and finally finished up our bar area. Space in the city is difficult to come by, so sometimes you have to improvise. We probably had room for a bar cart of some sort, but I had this extra table and we had nowhere to put it. So, it became the bar table! What was once just a wine rack on the wall is now a cute little home to our libations and some extra storage that flooded over from the kitchen. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest (obviously) and for barely over $15 we added the last touch to our bar with one big “cheers”.

To make one yourself, it’s super simple and probably wouldn’t take more than one hour of your time (mainly just adding coats of the glitter paint). These are also really cute for parties & showers!


1. Get your goods (links above)… just the wooden letters, rope, glitter paint and a paintbrush

2. Lay out some foil underneath your letters and begin coating with glitter paint. If you’re in a hurry, I would paint the plain letters a color or grey so that the glitter has a bit of a background. It took me at least 6 coats to fill in all of the space, but still didn’t take me that long.

3. Once the letters are dry, lay out your string and measure it against the width of the area you’re going to hang it across. Space the letters so that they’re even (we opted for about 2 fingers between each).

4. The easiest method we found was to attach them to the rope was to use masking tape. Just tear a bunch of small pieces off and tape the letter slightly above the rope.

5. Tie bows on each side (if you would like), hammer two small nails in the wall and push the center of the bow through the nail. Voila!

It was that simple and now we have a sparkly & fun addition to our bar area. Cheers!

Where did you find that gorgeous table? I have been looking for something like that with a metal top and wooden legs for my studio! Great inspiration for a small space!

Sonya, I actually found it in a vintage shop in Dallas but I think it could be relatively easy to make as a DIY!

This is adorable! I don’t have room in my apartment for a bar cart, but I’m hoping in my future home I will :)

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