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September 11, 2013
Cadillac Dreams






Car:  Cadillac SRX (c/o) …. I just had to. Haha

One of the biggest luxuries that I had to give up when I moved to the city was selling my car. I’ve lived my entire life in sprawled metropolitan cities where public transportation is more or less a joke because it can really only take you about 5 miles and everywhere you need to go is at least 10-15, and where traffic is something you just suck it up and deal with… kind of like some peoples’ in-laws and the wait for brunch anywhere half decent on the weekend. My first birthday here is something we still laugh about – I was 45 minutes late to my own birthday brunch because I tried to take the train and I got off at the wrong stop.

When Cadillac reached out to me about driving around their SRX for a few days I was completely giddy. Not only do I genuinely miss driving (and the chance to sing without damaging anyone’s actual hearing except my own) but I have never really driven around the city by myself before. There are so many cool areas that have remained hidden simply because they’re difficult to get to on the train or bus. I kid you not, I squealed when I got in the car the first day. With a water bottle microphone & Whitney Houston blaring (judge away) I was super excited to have the entire city at my fingertips!

The car is aaaaamazing. And I promise, I am not just saying that. Being petite, SUV’s can be scary for me – I need a car that is relatively easy to maneuver (and parallel park) but is also spacious enough to make me feel safe. When they say “it’s the Cadillac of (insert whatever)” it’s really a true statement. The inside of the car is beautiful and I was so impressed by how technologically advanced it was. When the sky started getting a bit eerie a weather alert popped up telling me about an approaching storm, if I veered too close to the other lane I would see a flash on the side mirror and feel a small vibration in my seat, and I could parallel park with the much needed assistance of the cameras.

I had a blast being able to adventure around a bit and check a few fun things off of my list. Thank you so much Cadillac for this fun experience, I absolutely loved it!


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umm JEALOUS. can I have one to tour around Columbus in?? So cool!

The Casual Classic

Judah Johns (@JudahJohns)
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Very nice. Have you had any experience with Audi or Mercedes recently? Looking at vehicles for Houston, so that I have something to drive when I’m home visiting. The Cadillacs most definitely are winning the design competition. Love the sharp lines and the fact that it’s American.

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