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April 18, 2011
you can feel the winds changing

So my apologies on the lack of blog posts, but I was undergoing a major life change this past weekend. After a year and a half in Denver for work my time was finally up and I moved back to Dallas. It was a bittersweet move – the time I spent in Denver was full of fond memories and an another incredible adventure is in the books.

I spent my last few days there wandering around the city enjoying the ease at which you can explore this downtown unlike any other, taking in Tattered Cover bookstore (the most unique and awesome bookstore you’ll ever go to), reminiscing on my adventures in Colorado and gorging on Denver based restaurants. I’m excited for what’s next for me, but thank you Colorado for an unforgettable time! I’ll be back, don’t you worry.

I know that move was bittersweet.. but I am SO excited you are in Texas! We will be muchhh closer.. and maybe even F will be back there too to share in some fun with us. I’m seeing alot of blogger trips over weekends :)


me too! it’ll be awesome! :) you’ll have to come to Dallas to see us and have some blogging adventures!

AAAH!! YAY!!! you’re back in dallas and ill be back in dallas. i see a loooot of collaborations in our future muhahahahahaha


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agreeeeed! :)

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