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April 3, 2014
NTC Tour LA Photo Diary (Part I)

While my previous post about the NTC Tour might’ve been extremely informative, a little inspirational and really interesting to read, this trip was entirely too cool for me to just leave it at that. Our weekend in LA with the Nike Training Club will go down as one of the most memorable of my life, hands down. If someone had been following us around with a camera, you would’ve gotten a much more personal take on how incredible the weekend was… oh wait! That’s what iPhones are for. So here’s a behind the scenes look at what really went down in the 72 hours we were in LA… buckle up! It’s a long one :).




6:58 a.m.  We arrive at the airport and can hardly contain our excitement printing off our Virgin America boarding passes (it’s my first time flying with them) and immediately beeline for Starbucks where I order a latte way too large for how much I’ve slept (if you follow me on Instagram you know I have a problem w/ caffeine and sleep!) but just can’t help it because it tastes sooooo good.

7:36 a.m.  We’ve boarded the plane and holy cow – this thing is awesome. Am I boarding a plane or a sky club? I start playing with the TV and remote like the small child that I am and find the “message another passenger” function and obviously message my roommate Melanie, who is sitting next to me, “hiiiiii!”.

7:37 a.m.  The guy sitting next to me notices and goes, “are you messaging her?” I say yes.. and he judges me. A lot.

9:57 a.m.  Immediately regretting that grande latte because I can’t nap, but hey you can order drinks to your seat! Melanie.. Melanie… wake up we’re ordering champagne.



11:12 a.m.  We’re walking off of the plane and can tell it’s sunnier, brighter and happier in LA and we practically run to the baggage claim where we find a tall gentleman standing there with a sign with my name on it. The coolest (and only) driver ever!

11:24 a.m.  Excuse me… sir.. can you pretty please turn it up? WE’RE IN LA!!!! (Two girls in a black car practically yelling every 10th word to Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’ at the top of our lungs.. for 30 minutes. May the Lord bless his poor soul. Are YOU ready for a perfect storm sir?)



12: 38 p.m. We arrive, check in, scream a little, roll around on our beds and finally peel ourselves away from the room to go get lunch downstairs al fresco. When in California, do as the Californians do, am I right?

12:41 p.m. Oooooook. We’re moving in. Outside. We spent the first 10 minutes in gaping silence taking pictures and Instagramming, obviously.


1: 42 p.m.  Our toes are in the sand! Our toes are IN the SAND! That was a quick 90 second walk to the beach… what. a. life.



2:05 p.m. Blah blah, we shop around, eat Pinkberry and take it all in. We’re mostly anxious to meet everyone at 4 in the lobby!

4:12 p.m.  Our Chicago crew (myself, Melanie, Seobia, Tiera, Cait and Sam) meet up and start chatting with the other crews. There are girls representing New York, Toronto, Austin, LA, and three girls from Stockholm for Western Europe. There’s a San Francisco crew too but they haven’t arrived yet. Everyone is incredibly friendly and excited – we know we’re in store for something epic.

4:21 p.m.  We’ve met our hosts for the weekend (CJ, Lauren and Syb) who wouldn’t be any cuter and make any girl want to work for Nike. Seriously, livin’ the dream.

4:48 p.m.  All of us head down the street and into a nearby hotel and have NO clue what we are doing. Our itinerary says ‘Surprise’ and little did we know they were going to change the meaning of that word after the trip was over. We’re chatting about where we’re from, what people are studying for girls who are still in school, and are like a classroom of children not realizing we’re walking to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

4:59 p.m.  We walk down the steps and see a sign that says “VIP” NTC and our eyes allllll get big. Whaaaat. VIP? Is Alex Morgan making an appearance?!

5:02 p.m.  No but really, I just heard bottles of champagne popping and I see glasses getting filled… what’s. going. on.

5:03 p.m.  The double doors open and …


5:14 p.m.  SURPRISE! Gear on bags on gear. It looks like the Sound of Music family on Christmas morning x 100 – boxes and presents everywhere and we’re all trying on our shoes and taking pictures with our city crews in our new hoodies. 

5:16 p.m. We’re so hood. Literally. #NTCChicago


6:05 p.m.  Group pictures on the beach and dinner al fresco in Downtown Santa Monica. Melanie: “I could leave right now and this would’ve been the best trip of my life.” (It’s only been 7 hours)

7:39 p.m.  Down the street the Nike store is bumpin and the Third Street Promenade has been totally invaded by Nike. There’s a huge stage and screen setup and stations for NTC Tour participants to pick up their brand new rose gold fuelbands. To the left of the stage there is a nail bar where they’re giving manicures with gold foil and nail art and then a real bar with drinks and Fiji water.

7:57 p.m.  The event kicks off and the one and only Catt Sadler comes on stage! She’s even cuter in person and tiny like me! Add her to the girl crush list.

7:59 p.m.  Joining Catt onstage is Dancing With the Stars dancer Derek Hough who within the first 60 seconds of being up there makes the crowd go wild with some aggressive hip moves.. large crowd of ladies.. smart guy.



8:35 p.m. We head into the Nike store to finally see the Tight of the Moment and get our shop on. I scoop up these graphic cropped leggings that I know I’ll wear often even in the winter with tall socks (because cropped pants are almost real pants on me) and Melanie gets these amazing printed leggings with back of the ankle zippers (you’ll see these in a bit). The first of many out of character Melanie moves of the weekend as she almost never buys prints like this (I’d like to think I’m rubbing off on her).

9:25 p.m.  We’re back at the hotel and CRASH. It’s been a long day and we have a lot of twerking err working out to do and many fuel points to be burned! I melt into the bed and pitch black room anxiously awaiting the next day but thinking there’s no way they could top our first day…


Day 2 and 3 are coming tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

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