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December 22, 2013
meet Blair, your DIY BFF

Blair Culwell, The Fox & She


It’s not often that you meet girls like Blair. A southern belle at heart with a city-girl, tough/go getter attitude that has moves on the dance floor and with power tools. Can you imagine such a person exists? It’s true (sorry guys, she’s taken)!

Blair and I are both originally from Dallas and actually realized we had a lot of friends in common, but it was her adventurous move to Chicago that brought her into our little world shortly after I had just moved away for my adventure as well. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Blair over the past two years and admire her in so many ways, so I figured you guys should get to know her too! If you haven’t visited her blog (The Fox & She) yet you are missing out — she’s one of the most crafty and determined people that I know and it’s clear when you see her site.

Bloggers are kind of like the cool cousins that were your age that you never had. You feel like family once you get to know them really well and have something that ties you together – but it’s definitely not genetics or often even geography. The coolest part is getting to see people grow and accomplish so many things. I’m so proud when I see friends that I’ve met through blogging make huge life changing moves… like Erika who went from style blogging to being a badass health coach or Marissa who started her own social media company, or Caitlin who’s blog and an early stint at Glitter Guide have completely blown up. There are so many more I could mention, and Blair’s story is a bit of the same.

Back when we both first moved to Chicago, we lived super far away from each other in my mind (I thought Lincoln Park was incredibly far from River North at the time.. yes comical I know.. and hey we were new!) and so it was hard to meet up. When we did, it was often popping over to help each other take pictures for one off collaborations we were doing. Then, both of our lives began to change as did our blogs.

Blair’s self-started web design company completely took off and soon she had more requests for work than she could even handle. In her “spare time” she also was becoming quite the home decor guru and was busy turning her Lincoln Park flat into something out of Domino magazine. The entire space is gorgeous and she has consistently been tweaking and changing things to her tastes over the past few years. Not to mention, she built some of the furniture (coffee table(s) yes more than one, other tables, headboards, etc.) herself.

If that wasn’t enough for you, she also is an exquisite chef. I’m not talking about ‘the girl can make chicken dishes and pasta seem legit’… one time I came over and she was tying string around some crazy roast (see I don’t even know how to explain it) that had more herbs and flavors in it than Boursin cheese. Every time I’m over there for dinner or brunch I’m always picking up on tips on how to make things and where to get quick and easy recipes.

Then, she picked up a paintbrush. I will tell you, the first time I was over and saw the very first painting she did I was in love. We actually shot for a feature on her with it in the background one day and that’s when I realized how talented she was. She’s been expanding the color schemes, styles and sizes and it has been so fun to watch the process evolve for her! She has sold every single painting she has put up for sale and we’ve all been so excited for her to grow this part of her life and business.

Are you wanting to be her new BFF yet? Just know that her fiance Rob and her lovable pup Oliver will come first :), but she somehow has time for it all. She’s a beer loving, down to earth, stylish and incredibly talented person who has taught me to pursue your passions and embrace where the path will take you. Do-It-Yourself is just a way of life for her.

Blair has become more than just a ‘cousin-like’ blogger to me and I’m thankful that she’s become one of my closest friends in Chicago. Next year we’ll get to see her walk down the aisle and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for her!


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