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June 4, 2013
Ikat In The City






 Top: Nordstrom  |  Jeans: Ditto’s brand skinnies (my new favorite)  |  Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg wedges  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Ostrich  |  Necklaces: Bauble Bar + Honestly WTF, gifted from a friend via Nordstrom  |  Bracelets: Sorrelli, Anthropologie, Brandy Melville (skulls)  |  Earrings: Kate Spade turtles

Photos by Blair Culwell, The Fox & She

I’ve been a struggling to resist the two most recent Bauble Bar collaborations with bloggers and ended up buying this spiked necklace from their guest bartender and personal fave of mine, Honestly WTF. My friend Grace had bought me the blue one from Nordstrom for my birthday this year and they are the perfect pair for layering. I ended up pairing them with this ikat top I scooped up from Nordstrom (huge fan of the high to low tops) and my new favorite skinny jeans. Last year Ditto’s brand sent me these jeans that I absolutely LOVE. They’re lightweight and the perfect pop of color for a fun pair of skinnies.

I ended up going to one of the street festivals here in Chicago called “Do Division” with Blair and her boyfriend Rob, and after dodging the rain we finally sprinted down the street into a bar where we settled on some drinks and the Blackhawks win! It was a fun day that turned into a fun night. This time of year is normally my favorite for living in Chicago because every weekend there are multiple street festivals, but the weather has not been cooperating. Hopefully this weekend will perk up!

V52 signature

I love the look. So bright! Love the necklaces on top of the ikat print.

Thanks! :)

I love how you have picked out colors from the shirt and used them for your accessories.


Thanks Carol! Love fellow petites :)

I love this print paired with the bright pants. You look amazing!

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