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May 7, 2014
Favorite Fonts


I don’t know about you, but I can easily get lost looking at beautiful fonts and typography. It’s something I’ve been fascinated with since I was little and find myself when I’m feeling a little blue or dry on inspiration searching through Pinterest for new ones to try out. I have a friend Paige who is a graphic designer (and sadly left us for Nashville when she got married) and I started following some of her boards because she would find the coolest images.

Now, I have stashes of saved notes in Evernote, my g-mail drafts and random stickies on my computer with the names of my favorites so that on different occasions I can find what I’m looking for. I’m drawn to sans-serif fonts (without any curves on the ends) and enjoy simple signs outside of restaurants or coffee shops with basic lines. However, you guys know I also love handwriting and have a special affinity for those fonts as well.

I’ve stumbled upon really awesome posts (like this one with 16 days of type in Paris) that I love to look back at and see how I can continue to push my own creativity. I’ve gathered some of my personal favorite fonts and Pinterest boards for you to check out yourself!


Rolling Pen  •  Jacques and Giles  •  Mina  •  Cantoni Pro  •  Carolyna Pro Black  •  Bombshell Pro


Gotham •  Brandon Grotesque  •  Lato  •  Raleway  •  Proxima Nova  •  Sweet Sans

Favorite Pinterest Boards for Type Inspiration

The Fresh Exchange  •  Lucy Laucht  •  Nordhaven  •  Addie Anne


One of the more exciting announcements I’ve had in a while is that you can now subscribe to get my posts directly to your inbox! All you have to do is signup and you’ll start getting my weekly roundup. As a special treat to kick this off, I’ve included extra fonts that I love & a link to download the Best 100 Free Fonts in this week’s newsletter! You can also follow along with my Type board on Pinterest where I’ll keep posting favorites of mine. What are your favorite fonts and Pinterest accounts for type inspiration?

Images via Pinterest

Love all those pretty fonts too!!

I just pulled the trigger yesterday and bought Cantoni Pro for my new branding on the blog (not live yet!) but just told myself it was more of an investment than a $60 font. Also a big fan of bombshell!

Don’t know if you know about Fonts for Peas http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/
People submit their handwritting and the lady converts them into FREE fonts, updates them pretty often too!

So awesome! :) I love Cantoni Pro, shoot me a note when it’s live I’d love to see it! Totally. I’ve actually spent a lot on fonts for down the line in life and sometimes they go on sale too. I haven’t heard of that one but that’s AMAZING! Thanks for sending!!!

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