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April 28, 2016
5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


This year my sister and I were way on top of things for once. We ordered my mom’s present 2 weeks early and I had actually picked up a card for her a few weeks back when I was at Paper Source. Pat on the back worthy, right? We are usually last minute about these things – not because we don’t want to put all the time and thought into it but just because life can be so hectic.

My parents have been on a 4 week trip overseas and so maybe it’s because we’re missing not being able to talk to them, but it gave us a chance to brainstorm. We’ve done a lot of different things for her over the years – cute shoes, a wallet, lots of flowers, and so much more. This year we decided to do something a little different and it got me thinking about some things we still haven’t done!

1. Frame it

Every mom is different, but mine absolutely loves pictures. Must be where I get it from! We made her a hardcover album one year for her birthday and it still sits on our coffee table to this day. Now with so many framing options that are popping up you can take some of your quicker photos and add a new memory to her collection. It’s more affordable and easier than ever to share a special moment with your mom using something like Framebridge!

2. Old fashioned polaroids

If you’re like me and have most of your recent family moments on your phone, you can easily make an album from the comfort of your bed. I recently discovered Square Snaps and after a quick upload you can order photos that look just like polaroids and scoop up an album to put them in. If your mom is the nostalgic type she will love it!

3. Pampering surprise

You can never go wrong sending your mama on a little spa retreat – what woman doesn’t want a little pampering? A fun way to surprise her is with a new robe and then tell her in the card it’s time for her to kick up her feet and enjoy a day of massages and mani’s.

4. Silk scarf

With the return of the neck scarves, it’s a great opportunity to go in on something extra nice for your mom who absolutely deserves it. You can get her a colorful scarf to update her collection or invest in something like an Hermes version. It’s something she’ll keep and wear over and over again and never goes out of style.

5. Travel companion

My mama loves to travel and that means she needs something for flights and their trips. She loves reading and keeping up with us through her iPad more than her phone these days and uses her mini one to snap photos on their trips and has since ditched her camera. An iPad mini is a perfect meet-in-the-middle solution for moms that want a little bigger screen than their phone and like to read or even play games like bridge or card games on it.

Like every year, I’m bummed that I won’t be able to be with my mom this Mother’s Day but thanks to things like Facetime I at least love getting to feel like I’m there with my whole family. We usually do a lunch or family meal following church and then just spend time being entertained by my little 2.5 year old nephew. What are your Mother’s Day plans?

To my mother who has always been there for me and has led our family by example, I love you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so wondeful!

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