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April 4, 2017
Denim Short Roundup

denim shorts, cutoff shorts, one teaspoon shorts

Shorts come in all shapes, sizes and fits. I think it’s my southern roots that make me such a shorts lover, but I can’t get enough as soon as summer rolls around and on the weekends you’ll likely be seeing me in jean shorts regularly.

When the big sales come around like the recent Shopbop sale and you can snag a pair that’s usually full price at a discount I always take advantage. I scooped up this pair of One Teaspoon shorts during the last sale and finally had a chance to wear them this past weekend in Dallas.

They fit snug and a little high waisted, but loose enough in the legs to where they were comfortable. I would wear this outfit every single day if I could!

denim shorts, cutoff shorts, one teaspoon shorts

I’ve been doing lots of jean short research lately and figured I’d share for those of you who probably ask yourselves the same questions about each pair’s fit and style.

I’ve been looking for something a little on the slouchy side that’s more of a boyfriend fit for casual summer days and am going to try this pair and possibly this pair from American Eagle. Both of them are a more relaxed fit which is something I’d want since most of my shorts are on the tighter side.

I also recently tried this pair from Free People x One Teaspoon that are less destroyed and have a high waisted fit to them. They’re going back, but I think for the right body type they would be such a great pair.

Here are 10 of my favorites rounded up for you!

What kind of denim shorts are you looking for this season?

Hi Christine; nice shorts! I just did a shopping
trip for exactly this item and ended up choosingn an awesome high rise vintage pair at ae, affordable and very flattering for shorties like myself! They have 50% off on the 2nd pair these days so I highly recommend!
Loved ur green blouse so much, can you reveal us the source? :) Thank you!


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