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October 6, 2016
8 Fall Wardrobe Staples

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Fall! Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you know that it’s time to move your summer clothes aside and embrace the pumpkins. I’m starting to piece together what my “fall wardrobe” is and figure out where to fill in the gaps. It’s a season that often brings out some of the same trends every year, which can make it easy to feel like you and everyone else are wearing the exact same thing. While a lot of the wardrobe staples I’ve developed for myself are relatively common in trend, I love finding a few differentiating details that make these standout and more your own!

ONE | Over the knee boots

I love that this pair has a rich color to them and that they extend well above the knee. They’re also 25% off right now!

TWO | Blanket Scarf

While I probably don’t need another one, I love that this one is more neutral than the ones that I have making it easier to pair with other tops and sweaters.

THREE | Plaid button down

You can find these just about anywhere, but for me it’s really about the fit and the pattern. I love having an array of colors and this version with burgundy and navy is easy to mix with tawny shades and black.

FOUR | Ripped skinny jeans

As many pairs of jeans that I have, I only have one pair of ripped skinny jeans that I really like and they’re a lighter washed black. I’m looking for a solid black pair and even a true denim pair, too. They are a year-round staple!

FIVE | Sleeveless sweater

The best thing about fall is that you can layer and use jackets to finish a look. I’m a huge fan of sleeveless sweaters so that you avoid overheating all day inside and the fringe on this one really sets it apart. It’s also a great hue to go with the rest of the staples!

SIX | Burgundy handbag

I scooped this up last season and am pulling it back out now that it’s time again. I love that I can wear it as a crossbody or satchel, but this is truly the hottest color of the season and anything you pick up in it will be easy to wear with your wardrobe.

SEVEN | Shearling coats

For extra warmth and a nice little twist for your outerwear, a shearling lined coat will be your favorite thing that you snag this season. I’ve already worn mine a few times on the early chilly days and am loving it!

EIGHT | Moto boots

These come in an array of colors and are easy to pull on and off and can make your apple picking or pumpkin picking adventures a lot more comfy. I love this mushroom color for a lighter neutral.

 What are your fall wardrobe staples?


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