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February 29, 2016
5 Happy Things

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Happy Monday! This weekend feels like it was much longer than usual because of a quick, last minute trip I took back to Chicago. Even though it was cold (and even snowed on Friday), it was such a fun weekend seeing some of my girlfriends and taking a little skip and hop out of the city.

I realized this weekend that little trips like that are so important. In the hustle & bustle of schedules and agendas, every now and then you just need to plan something that makes you happy, and let it just be for that. Over the years I’ve also learned that I’m the type of person that needs to have things to look forward to, especially winter because it’s my worst season, even if that something is just dinner with a friend or a quick getaway with my best friends. Laughter with some of your best girls is like chicken soup for the soul, you know?

On to this week’s little nuggets! They’re a little longer than usual, but I had some extra time on the plane:

1. J.Crew is doing sunglasses now.. and they’re really affordable & cute! Perfect timing with spring and summer around the corner, I tried a few on over the weekend and loved that they have great shapes for all face sizes (love the Sam!)

2. Trying new restaurants–very high up on the list of things that makes me happy and something I’ve been really bad about for the last little while. I read about a new casual Italian spot in Little Italy called Aunt Jake’s by the founders of the Mulberry Project and have been three times in the last week. I’m determined to become a regular and hope if you’re in NYC you check it out!

3. I broke down and finally went back to having a real wallet again. I’ve had a slim card case since I moved here (because I was a loser and could never get my subway card out in time and would miss my train sometimes), but throwing cash loose in my purse has been driving me nuts, so wallet it is. I’ve always loved this Kate Spade wallet because you can still pull cards out of it without opening it and it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying out the US Treasury with you. I chose a light pink for a brighter feel… after all, who wants to feel bad about spending money?

4. I finally finished a magazine cover to cover for the first time in like, 6 months, or something very ridiculous. Yes I said magazine not book and I’m aware that it sounds pathetic. It’s not even the time that it takes, it’s that lately I’ve been too A.D.D. to finish anything I pick up. I read the latest Glamour and loved some of the articles and interviews and renewed my love for Kate Spade’s advertising + marketing team with their spring ads. For anyone who lives in New York City you can’t help but smile. Iris Apfel eating a hot dog (probably from Papaya Dog, my fave) and a Joe’s pizza box on the floor and those rinkety annoying to move green chairs in the parks.. there’s just something about Spring in New York City that is so delightful and I love what they captured in these ads.

5. A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and ended up getting lost on Youtube and a few blogs and discovered Jessica Alba’s new beauty line–Honest Beauty. I have been looking for a more natural looking foundation for daily wear and after seeing a video decided to give it a try. I’m loving it so far and also am trying her bronzer (I bought this in Camel, and the luminizing powder in dusk and ivory)

Hope your week is going to be fabulous! My parents are in town next weekend and I’m counting down the days until they’re here!


A lively Christine story as always. We have been travelling for several months and I’m only now catching up with so many missed posts. It is great to get a dose of your life and times.

I love little weekend trips! Thanks for sharing!

The Style Scribe

Love this! Couldn’t agree more that we all need a break here and there! Hope you have a great week friend!


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