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February 1, 2016
5 Happy Things

Happy Monday! Is it really February? I blinked and January flew by.. it was a quieter month than the end of last year for sure which was welcome in some ways, but I’m excited that the next few months will be busy and full of fun events. This past weekend we were in Connecticut for an engagement party that was a total blast and although I’m sad the weekend is over, there should be a lot of fun things in store over the next few weeks!

1. I wore a black pleated dress to the engagement party this weekend (that’s currently on sale) that I had picked up before the holidays when I was looking for something very simple to be able to layer sweaters over. It also comes in red and a few other affordable styles in black and a longer pleated version!

2. There’s a film coming out about Alexander McQueen‘s life. I’m a sucker for a good fashion profile so I’m really looking forward to this one! (If you haven’t ever seen the documentary on Bill Cunningham’s life it’s a must)

3. Rag & Bone came out with some 10″ skinny jeans! They’re perfect for little legs. No trip to the tailor with these beauties!

4. I know it sounds crazy seeing as we have a few months, but thanks to a fun project coming up I’ve been looking at a lot of swimwear lately. Did you know Shoshanna has swimwear? This is an early favorite of mine and I think I’ll be wearing a lot of ruffled suits this summer.

5. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and although I have my own opinions on how I like to “celebrate” it I do love the homemade inspiration I’m seeing all over Pinterest. How cute is this card?


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, that’s the topic of the week! Stay tuned for some more gift ideas and some non-conventional ways to celebrate (or not celebrate). Hope you had a great weekend!

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