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September 3, 2014
Snap Snap


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It’s here! Over the next week the city will be invaded with the elite industry men and women, photographers, models, bloggers and of course designers.

In the time I’ve been blogging I’ve been fortunate enough to get to attend New York Fashion Week a few times. When my blog was really young, it was a lot more hustle and way fewer bloggers in the scene – in fact it was incredibly difficult for anyone to get an invite. Then over the years bloggers moved up row by row until now some of them have even walked in shows or stood in presentations themselves.

I was reflecting back on the first time I ever sat in a runway show and thinking about how mesmerizing and truly beautiful it is, and I started getting really excited just for the inspiration alone that comes from this exciting time in New York (followed by London and Paris). In a few of my first times attending, I ended up putting together some of my favorite posts of all time that I happily re-discovered upon going through my archives. Most of you guys probably weren’t following back then so I thought I’d share a few of the best ones (and laugh a bit at how funny and bad some of the others are).

During S/S ’12 I had the pleasure of seeing a ton of major faces in fashion at various shows and a few conferences we attended and snapped a ton of candids that I compiled. There’s one of Anna, Grace, Hamish and the whole Vogue crew that is still in my apartment today. But perhaps my favorite post of all time is a video compilation I did with extremely amateur videography and photography from my first days of blogging from my first full fashion week.

I’ll be doing my best to share the inspiration for Spring/Summer ’15 that I see on the runway and in the streets over the next few days and most excitedly some of the familiar faces you might know and follow as well that I’m excited to see here in New York! If you haven’t signed up for Like To Know It already you can quickly shop the pictures I tag with it and the products in them straight to your e-mail. For the rest of you who are a bit more old fashioned and just want to see pictures, you can always find me on Instagram. It’ll be a busy weekend so I’ll be sticking to my phone more than computer, so come enjoy NYFW with me!

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