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November 10, 2010
wishing for the weekend

Driving around and adventuring to find the best watermelon in the bay area/indulging in my love of crepes in San Fran/watching the World Series (Go Rangers!)

phew. things have been crazy lately… sorry for the lack of posts last month but I was really busy working on the video for the Sunglass Hut contest – defintely check out my video here and vote if you haven’t already! When I look at pictures during the week it gets me excited for the weekend… headed to San Francisco again and thought I would post a few random pictures from previous trips :).

I seriously cannot get enough of crepes. Whether they’re brunch-worthy savory crepes  or delicious sweet crepes filled with something chocolately and nutty, I’m a sucker for them. I’ve had them in Chicago, San Francisco and less recently but soon to come again in Breckenridge at Crepes a La Cart after a long day of snowboarding!

I spent most of the end of October between San Francisco and Denver loving the cool, breezy weather, change of pace, and delectable food provided by my lovely boyfriend who has become quite the chef. It was a month full of visitors, friends and family but now that is behind us I’m excited for November! Hopefully the snow will pick up soon so that we will have a great season of snowboarding – can’t wait!

Thanks girls! And thank you Cee so much for the Versatile Blogger award I’m so thrilled!! :)

i love crepes too
and i love you
and that girl’s right
your vid was tight
it was the best
and you’re always well-dressed
i’m glad you’re my frin
and i hope you WIN!

well i hope i embarrassed you. i’m gonna start a blog about poems. love you ween:]

Looks like you’ve been having fun for the past little while… those crepes look amazing! A friend of mine passed me the Versatile Blogger Award and I wanted to give it to you because I am a fan of your blog! If you like to accept it, hop on over to my blog to read more details!

Oh wow I love, love, love your video Christine! I voted for you – I love the street shot of you standing still with the world milling by – so clever:). There’s humour, all the information you need to know about your style and the pics/video footage is spot-on. I hope you win! xo

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