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January 20, 2015
Weekend Recharge

I don’t know about you guys, but every now and then I just need a day to press the reset button and re-energize myself. I am go-go-go 99% of the time and every now and then I need that day where I let all of my to-do list items keep piling up and just let it go. You know, the days where you grab a pair of sneakers, leggings and your comfiest pullover and just walk out the door.

Things have been busy lately (fun busy at least!) and this past weekend one of my very best friends was in town so we were trying to make the most of every minute. It was so fun to spend time with her and our other mutual friends — catching up, being our silly selves and picking right back up where we left off. The hardest part of living far away is how tricky it can be to see your friends. Weddings, holidays and other “special events” now become the best way to all get together again.

My favorite thing to do on a night “off” is actually to catch up with my friends on the phone and on Facetime. I can’t go too long without hearing all of the juicy details of what’s going on with them that I miss from not getting to hear it at dinner and in person these days. What do you do on nights when you need a recharge?

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I love a good weekend recharge. Having one myself this weekend.
After all my jobbies are done, I’m going to read and relax. Probably use a hair mask.

Jennifer Jayne xx

Relaxing, sleeping, reading, sleeping and sleeping some more! The ultimate recharge for me.
Glad you had a fun time with your friends. I have been through the same sort of separation from friends after moving interstate and can so relate to your writing.
I love the new Balances too!

Love the New Balances!

The Style Record

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