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February 14, 2017
Valentine’s Day Gal Style

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Before I spent Valentine’s day with my love, I spent Valentine’s day with my best gals.

It was always a night full of laughter and love – whether we were at BYOB sushi or cooking at one of our places over lots of wine, it was how we spent many 2/14’s and countless other nights of the year.

As time passes our lives have changed so much. I only see my best girls from home over the holidays, my Chicago besties for weddings and quick reunions, and my college loves when we plan trips to see each other. It’s such a bittersweet thing to see your best friends move on to such exciting stages of their lives, but miss the good ole days so much.

I shared some Valentine’s Day ideas last week – some of these you still have time to plan if you’re still scratching your head!

If you’re flying solo this year and doing something fun with your gal pals tonight, good for you. Swing by a Sephora and buy everyone masks (it’s also hilarious to see what your friends look like in them–no one is cute, trust me), pop some bubbly and break out all the best cheese. Having great girlfriends is a joy in life that you can’t explain or replace.


TASSEL CLUTCH (monogrammable!)

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