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March 25, 2015
Trendspotting: Light Blue

baby blue, light blue, spring shopping, blue espadrilles

Bag  / Necklace /  Skirt  /  Dress  /  Hat  /  Espadrilles

I’ve been noticing the most beautiful shades of baby blue pretty much everywhere I look as I’m on the hunt for Spring arrivals. I love that it’s a bit of an icy shade and almost feels like a neutral because of it’s a subtle gray undertone. As someone who loves blush, I may have a new favorite color this Spring. I also think a pair of light blue pumps might be the next must-have on my list! Are you a fan of this color, too?

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I used to wear this colour a lot then went off pastels for a few years. Recently I found a gorgeous light sky blue cashmere sweater for our approaching Australian winter. It is such a beautiful, pretty colour that mixes with many colours and looks great with the ubiquitous blue jeans. Lovely picks today Christine…. I’d embrace all of them.

Oooh! I love your picks- especially the bag, dress, and necklace! Baby blue is one of my favorite pastels, besides pink!

gorgeous pieces! adore that shirtdress!

The Style Scribe

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