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October 29, 2015
Flirt In The Skirt

More often than I care to admit I find myself relating fashion to song lyrics or movie lines. As soon as this skirt arrived the movie that popped into my head was A League Of Their Own. If you’ve never seen it, save it in your iPhone notes and next time you’re sitting down looking at Netflix try and find it – it’s a classic. I could recite most of the movie by heart at this point and as embarrassing as it is, my sister and I owned a copy of it on VHS… yea, wrap your head around that.

Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Hanks, Geena Davis.. are you sold yet? Anyways, let’s get back to the quote and their uniforms. So this all-american girls baseball league has just formed and they have the most adorable uniforms of all time (one of my future Halloween goals is to be a Rockford Peach). They cinch at the waist and the skirt falls in the perfect a-line. If I ever had to play baseball, I would want to be wearing those uniforms.

There’s a part in the movie where Madonna is trying to get to third base and Geena Davis yells at her “dirt in the skirt Mae, dirt in the skirt!”. For whatever reason, every time I wear an a-line skirt I think of that particular line but replace it with the word “flirt”. I think because of the tiny flare and how it comes out at the waist and the way it swings a little bit like a bell when you walk, but I just love it.

This skirt is everywhere right now and I have to say I understand why. It fits great, goes with everything and has quickly become a regular in my fall rotation. Next week I’ll be pulling it out with these over the knee boots and a chunky knit as the temperatures keep dropping!


TOP: Madewell white button down blouse  •  SKIRT: Akira suede skirt in olive c/o (use code VIEWFROM5FT2 for 15% off) (similar here, here and here)  •  SHOES: Vince d’orsay pumps  •  BAG: Danielle Nicole handbag c/o  •  NECKLACE/BRACELET: Kendra Scott everly long necklace, Kendra Scott liana bracelet c/o

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Photos by Bekka Palmer

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