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December 6, 2013
Southern Belle

plaid shirt, boots, grandpa sweater

henry and belle, jeans, skinny jeans

henry and belle jeans

henry and belle jeans

henry and belle jeans

 Shirt: J.Crew plaid button down (similar)  |  Sweater: Madewell tri-color grandpa cardigan (similar) |  Jeans: Henry & Belle super skinny in Black Cherry Ombre (c/o)  |  Boots: Target tall buckle boots |  Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco  |  Necklace: Bauble Bar x Honestly WTF triple ice chain

“She’s the kind of woman who believes that looking out for others is just as important as looking good. She knows how to turn heads—and change minds.” – H&B


It’s such a pleasant and heartwarming discovery to come across a brand that cares as much about people and the women they are sharing their ride with as they do their own success. Such is the case with Henry & Belle. A true labor of love (no really, check out the story yourself!), these jeans are some of the most comfortable and stylish things I’ve ever put on my legs! The fit is incredible — forget your stiff jean woes and run to H&B for a smooth but still structured pair of gorgeous jeans in colors that will complement your existing wardrobe.

I was so excited to style these when I was back in Texas over Thanksgiving break. I tend to gravitate towards styling dark cherry, burgundy and oxblood with black so I decided to change it up and give these new jeans a southern and relaxed look to suit the comfortable and relaxed feel. I may live in the Midwest, but I’m a Southern girl and Belle at heart!

When I asked myself who in my life embodies the quote above defining a true “Belle” by H&B, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards my Grandma. A small town girl from northern Indiana, she was the Prom Queen beauty but also the nicest girl in town (and 5’2″ too!). She was incredibly thoughtful and kind and my Grandpa told me all of the time that “everyone loved Eileen.. there was just something about her.” Their love story is as romantic as the one of Henry & Belle – truly a real live version of the Notebook. She has always been a true inspiration to me of the type of person I want to be.



To score yourself these Henry & Belle jeans in Spruce in your size delivered right to your door, all you have to do is comment below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on any of the pics from this post and tell us who YOUR Belle is! I’ll announce the winner on one of the above channels in a week, so get to thinking about Who’s Your Belle!

Purely App here in Chicago is throwing a bash at their pop up at 900 N. Michigan Ave. on Wednesday 12/11 from 6-8 p.m. Clean out your closet and bring clothes to donate to Phillippine typhoon victims and then come treat yourself to a free manicure! I’ll be there hosting with The Glitterary, Jess & Jill and adoptedSTYLE and we’d love to see you.


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My belle would be my sister. We lost our mom as babies. All we had was each other growing up, learning about life and all the stuff that comes with being a girl. Our dad was amazing doing what he could but luckily I had my sister by my side to grow up with me and figure it all out! She is my belle and my best friend :)

My belle is my grandma too! I think of her all the time :)

My belle is not just one person. As a new mom, I now I have a HUGE appreciation for what mothers do and go through. It’s like this crazy world that you don’t know about until you become a mother. It’s so amazing and SO difficult at the same time. Women are amazing and they are all BELLES! :)

My belle is my Mama!!!!

My belle? My mom!! She’s always worked so hard to provide the best for my brother and I and recently graduated with her MBA at age 60!! She’s a hard working rockstar and an inspiring role model.

Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see

Followed u with Bloglovin , wanna follow back maybe and come by my blog ? i found urs through refinery29


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