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August 10, 2011
sheer madness

Bellatrix Sleeveless Collared Shirt (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), Forever 21 skirt, Michael by Michael Kors platforms (also worn here), Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Cara Couture tiger bracelet and Forever 21 bracelet, Catherine Nicole necklace, and Navoh clutch (Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale)

My most recent obsession is with sleeveless collared shirts – preferably sheer ones. Equipment has the most amazing selection, but they are a bit steep for my current budget and I also vowed to make my first Equipment blouse a ridiculously bright long sleeved one. Lucky for me Nordstrom had one on the Anniversary Sale that was perfect – short in the front and long in the back (another obsession of mine… the only kind of acceptable mullet). It’s the kind of sheer that you can get away with wearing just a lacy undergarment with and it still be acceptable – one of the perks of 110 degree weather :)

This outfit is amazing! loving those heels!

xo L.

Hello, pretty girl. Thanks for the follow on twitter. Love your outfit. I feel like I wrote this post but I haven’t picked up my obsession yet. All over my current mood board are photos of sleeveless collared shirts though. I don’t know what it is. Really jonesing for an Equipment shirt as well but they’re too pricy for me at the moment.

Thanks Ria! I saw you were friends with my other ladies, Erika and a few others so I figured you were fun! :) Thanks for the comment, I love that you share my obsession. Equipment is too pricey for me too, you should snag this one at Nordstrom if you can

me too, sheer is fabulous.
done right [like you did]
it gives an outfit such an understated sexy classic look.


Absolutely beautiful!
Sheer goddess.


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