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July 11, 2017
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, how to shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale

What is it?

If you haven’t heard of this sale by now, you’re in for a real treat! I’ve been shopping this sale for a cool 18 years now (no that is not an exaggeration, it was the first sale my mom got me into for shopping for back to school clothes) so I pride myself on being a veteran. It’s such a special sale because for 2 weeks Nordstrom will drop prices on the upcoming season’s goodies making it a prime time to kickstart your fall shopping and get yourself ready to start the new school year or season in style.

There’s a solid mixture of brands that will be represented in the sale – everything from the Nordstrom exclusive brands you may know like Halogen, Leith and B.P.  to designers like Rag & Bone, Stuart Weitzman, Theory and more.

When does it start?

Early Access starts this week! It will run from July 13-20 and really is the very best time to shop the sale. During this time cardmembers can shop everything before it goes on sale to the general public, giving them access to sizes and styles that may sell out. They often restock as much as possible for the main sale but occasionally things fly so quickly that they have a hard time adding more.

I know what you’re thinking – I don’t want another card! There are different options if you want to do a debit or credit card and honestly in our family it has been worth having. I earn rewards on all of my purchases and even have a $20 note to spend at the sale! It’s also not too late – you can apply in store or over the phone to get approved quickly. Nordstrom is truly one of my favorite sites and the only store I’d get a card for.

How do I shop it?

I have some tips from last year that will still apply every year, but here are some additional tips as things continue to change over the years:

  1. Shop the sale as soon as it starts – Like, set an alarm. I’m telling you, things go FAST! I usually will hop on early because shoes are the first thing I add to my cart and my size sells out the quickest.
  2. Overbuy and be quick on the trigger – I was shocked at how quickly things went last year. There was a jacket that I missed on the sale and paid full price for later because it sold out immediately and I was hesitant. Nordstrom has Free Shipping & Free Returns so there is no risk in ordering things and returning them outside of being willing to be out the money. If you’re on the fence on some items or want to keep browsing, go ahead and order the things you know you want while you can. It might even help them break up and fulfill your order by separating it into smaller orders.
  3. Check back every few days for restocked sizes – Keep an eye on all of the things you want and if a size sells out, check back often. They’re constantly restocking sizes due to the frenzy of the sale and as they check inventory across stores, so don’t worry there’s still hope even if it says it’s sold out!
  4. Focus on things you need – If you’re only saving $15 on a sweater that you can probably find a similar one of in a few months, don’t stress and don’t start there. I always do an inventory of my closet before the sale starts just because I haven’t looked at my fall clothes in a while. I make note of things I’ll be getting rid of and donating, sweaters that are on their last leg, and anything that I didn’t find last season that I’m looking for. With the Korea trip coming up I’m looking for some comfortable basics and a really casual and cozy cashmere shawl or cardigan to travel with. I’m also replacing my over the knee boots this year so will be looking for something in my size there.

Brands to keep an eye on

There are so many brands that I end up finding goodies from, but here are a few favorites:











Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, how to shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale

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Good luck and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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