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May 16, 2011
alexander the great

Today was epic. Not because I was asked to style Rachel Bilson, or be an ambassador for Chanel (both candidates for epic day status), but because I came home to a box filled with awesomeness that I’ve wanted for a really, really long time.

It’s as simple as this – when it comes to iconic bags some girls want Louis Vuitton, other girls want Gucci, but I have always wanted Alexander Wang. As soon as I laid eyes on this bag, it was over. Sure there are other bags on my wish list for the future (Celine luggage tote and the Chloe Marcie), but for now this was all that would satisfy my little heart. I surprisingly have managed to score awesome bags for pretty cheap for the past several years holding out for the perfect opportunity to snag one I really wanted – and it was worth the wait.

After stalking Shopbop nearly everyday since this contest at NYFW, FINALLY a black one popped up so with a gracious gift from Shopbop through the contest + a bit of my hard earned dough, I was finally able to bring this baby home! So please welcome the newest extension of my arm… baby Rocco!

If you’ve loved this bag too but have had some questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer! Here’s a few things worth mentioning:

  1. The leather is beautiful. It’s pebbled and somewhere between soft and tough enough to withstand purselike situations.
  2. The studding is really cool, but it definitely makes it a little heavier than any other bag you probably own.
  3. It comes with a shoulder strap though (genius, that Alexander Wang) which is adjustable to my surprise and delight.
  4. The hidden pocket on the side exists and is kinda awesome.
  5. There are 2 cell phone pockets inside and a zippered pocket as well.
  6. It’s way bigger than it looks drooping off of Mary Kate Olsen‘s arm – TONS of space inside.

Big week for my family! My sister and her husband are moving into their beautiful brand new house this weekend and I scored my dream bag. Sounds about right.

omg so freaking jealous. i want the diego bucket bag so freakin bad. maybe for my bday….


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

you totally should! maybe Net-a-porter or shopbop will have a big sale soon too! The Diego is hot…

ugh, so jealous of you! that bag is amazing, i loove the studding details! congrats to you :)

Fashion Bag 411

ahhh thanks Liana!!! the studding is insane!

ummm I’m sorry – love tw bag, but if your styling Rachel (who used to live down the street from me btw up here in Canada) and having a side project with Chanel (nbd) then mr.Wang only deserves 1/4 of my love, the first of my love is to you, good job on saving for the purchase, I’m not a big bag girl either, just a few simple bags keep me satisfied – this satisfies my everything – and to think – I didn’t even êntre the Chloe contest at the IFB conference – did you? lol

haha yeaaaa I wish.. :( but that’s awesome she used to live near you! I didn’t know she had a house up there! Well thank you for your love my dear, and yes I did enter but obviously did not win.. shoot. xoxo

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