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December 4, 2010
Michael Kors Hamilton Bag = Celine + Hermes

I have always said that Michael Kors is a really, really smart guy. He knows how to make beautiful clothes that can work any runway in the world, but he also knows that mass markets are what will make him the most money and bring home the biggest paycheck at the end of the day. He has created handbags, apparel, jewelry, watches, shoes, etc. that every girl in America associates with quality and style- but that they can afford. Seriously… I bet if I took a poll of most women ages 16 – 60, most of them would say that they own SOMETHING that Michael Kors has made. He is the king of taking what women want and making it affordable and attainable, yet still keeping a luxury profile that keep them wanting more and satiating the desires of his higher profile clientele.

I stumbled across one of his latest handbags and couldn’t help but marvel at his genius, yet again. One of his more recent handbags, the Hamilton Large Tote has become quite popular since its debut. After coming across a black version with gold hardware this weekend while I was shopping I had a revelation on the design behind the bag. This may or may not have been his thought process, but here is my take. Two of the most sought after handbags in terms of luxury and for arm candy status are the Celine Luggage Tote and the Hermes Kelly bag. However, both of these bags cost a small fortune for most of the women in this world. Hmm… why not make a bag that looks really similar to both of them, still sell it under a “designer” name and sell it for much less allowing more women to buy it? Cha-ching.

The Hamilton bag looks very much like a hybrid of these bags. Although it has the Celine shape and luggage style, it has the Kelly’s hardware look. For $298, this bag is destined to find homes all over the world.

So let’s think about this….

1 in every 100 girls can buy a Celine/Hermes bag @ $1800 (for example)

= $1800+ tax

75 of 100 girls can buy a Michael Kors Hamilton bag @ $298

= $22,350 + tax

Like I said… Michael Kors is very, very smart.

“For $298, this bag is destined to find homes all over the world.”

And, oh, the homes it did find! I had no idea this bag has been around since 2010. I only discovered it this past Jan/Feb. I couldn’t decide which colour to buy and, by the time I did, I saw it on every other woman. That made me NOT want to buy it – and I didn’t. It’s still a gorgeous bag, but to spend $300-400+ and not even have something slightly unique, no thanks.

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