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May 26, 2016
Long Weekend Packing List

long weekend packing list, do not disturb

One extra day can seem like it’s so short, but what a difference it can make! When the weather really starts to change and summer is in full force it’s so nice to get out of the city and really just relax. Especially with a lot of upcoming weddings and events I keep finding myself feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time just chillin, you know?

We are heading out to Connecticut for the long weekend and so I need to be able to bring everything that I would want to have but manage it on the train (or not have MG kill me because it’s so jam packed). I usually plan ahead a few nights in advance to make sure I don’t forget anything.

My apartment is tiny so more often than I not I make a list in my iPhone as I’m thinking about things during the week so that when it comes time to pack I know exactly what I’m grabbin! There will be plenty of pool time, some paddle board, and hopefully some catching up on reading and a few shows we’ve recently started. So what’s in my bag? Let’s see!

1. Weekender

It makes for an easy trip out of the city and back with a bag that can fit everything I need but doesn’t take up too much space. MG got me this bag in a cute color for Christmas and I use it almost every time we head out for a weekend away!

2. Soludos sandals

After looking high and low for a pair that were comfortable and affordable, I opted for this pair of Soludos this year. They’re similar enough to the very popular Joie pair but I like the little twist of details.

3. Cutoff shorts

Since I can’t resist a good pair of cutoff shorts in the summertime, I picked 3 favorites at a few different price points. They’re easy for walks, bike rides and of course throwing on over a bathing suit.

4. Off the shoulder top

I scooped up a few pretty early in the season, but my favorite is this off the shoulder top that goes with just about anything. I’m hoping to get some color on these pale limbs of mine!

5. Favorite new dress

You know when you have a new dress that you’re dying to wear and the weather just won’t cooperate? I’ve been itching to pull out this cute little light blue dress and it just hasn’t been warm enough yet. This seems like the perfect weekend!

6. Bathing Suit

Where to even begin! I have a few favorites that I’m packing this weekend to come with me including the Eberjey bikini from my recent StyleWatch photo shoot. I’ll also be bringing along a Niche Mrkt suit and maybe my favorite white bikini from last year just in case.

7. Sunglasses

Admittedly I usually travel with at least 2 pairs – I’ll be bringing my Prada aviators that I am renting from Shop Ditto this month (use code VIEWFROM5FT2 to get a free month to try some out!) and my Krewe Du Optic sunglasses will make the trip, too.

What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend? I hope it involves grilling, some time well spent outside and disconnected!

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