August 24, 2016
Starting The Process
I teased an update last night on Instagram, but the new apartment is coming along! We're really excited to have finally purchased a few pieces of furniture and are making some decisions on the next pieces. I have so much to share with you guys and ca ...
March 31, 2016
Closet Change Up
This time of year I get so excited for my closet switch! I love nothing more than neatly packing away my sweaters and making room for sundresses and shorts. Make room for your pretty floral dresses and move your boots to the side, it's sandal seaso ...
March 1, 2016
My Bedroom Decor + A Minted Giveaway
When I first moved into my place a year and a half ago, I had grand ideas of what I wanted to do with my beautiful white brick wall. My amazing roommate let me choose between the two rooms, and despite the fact that it makes it an ice box in the wint ...
January 27, 2016
8 Inspiring Dining Rooms
There are some things that you just forego when you move to New York City. For me, it was any sense of mobility in my room, a disposal, and the concept of a dining area. I feel extremely lucky that we have a washer/dryer and were able to somehow squ ...
January 13, 2016
5 Minute Breakfast At Home
One of my favorite weekend indulgences and things to do on Saturday mornings is make breakfast. Over the years my go-to has changed (mostly due to my kitchen size and time spent grocery shopping) and thanks to a recent purchase has taken another twi ...
September 29, 2015
5 Places To Add Natural Accents At Home
I never used to be big on natural accents until very recently. I tend to gravitate towards white marble, gold touches, and a little less on the rustic side. Maybe it's all of the time I've spent in the northeast lately or just a change in my aesthet ...
June 10, 2015
Living Room Makeover with Havenly
When I first made the move to New York City, I had to sell basically all of my furniture and my roommate and I pretty much just combined the leftover of what I had with his stuff. We were so focused on getting settled that once we did, we kind of jus ...