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August 18, 2017
Favorite Flatiron Food Spots

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You guys, is it just me or does the summer make you want to try more new restaurants? I think it’s because it’s so much easier to walk around and explore – either way, I love trying new spots and feel so lucky to get to work in one of the best areas in the city for food.

If you’ve never been to Flatiron on a trip to NYC or aren’t super familiar with the area it’s the surrounding area to Madison Square Park (home of the original Shake Shack).

The area is beautiful and swimming with delicious places to eat. We have our lunch go-to spots, drink spots and favorite dinner places between everyone on my team at work. We take food very seriously and are always on the lookout for new spots in the ‘hood.

Our favorites are a mix of nice restaurants and quick and easy new spots!

1. Sugarfish – You just have to make a point to go. The wait is crazy long (go at 5:30 and wait to put your name in), and tough to get a “good” time to eat, but it’s SO worth it. MG took me here because he had been in California and sushi has never been the same.

2. &Pizza – this brand new spot is the trendy, cool version of on-the-go pizza. The pizzas are shareable and not that expensive and the ingredients are SO good. The American Honey is my favorite if you like something with a little kick.

3. Upland – Everytime I go to Upland I want to design my future kitchen exactly like it. The food is amazing and the decor is on point – there’s a reason the Obamas always go when they’re in town!

4. Il Mulino – For the italian lovers out there, you may not have heard of Il Mulino but it’s an incredible dining experience. The staff is incredibly friendly (I mean, they bring out a giant cheese wheel for you as soon as you sit down!) and it’s a great spot for a nicer dinner or celebration.

5. Tacombi – As someone who absolutely loves Mexican food, Tacombi has always been a favorite of mine in the city. There are a few locations but this one is one of the biggest. The tacos al pastor and a pitcher of margs are our team’s fave!

6. ABC Kitchen or Cocina – Similar to Upland, I absolutely love the decor of ABC Kitchen. The food is incredible and the whole experience is just lovely. ABC Cocina is also great for a little different cuisine or apps/drinks. You can’t go wrong with either!

7. The Smith – If you live in New York you’ve been to The Smith. Everyone’s gone, and no one doesn’t like it. It’s a staple in Flatiron especially for a group meal where you can try more items on the menu. We love the spicy potato chips for an appetizer and the poke!

8. Maysville – Bourbon lovers, rejoice! This is one of the best bars in the area and they also have incredible food. It gets crowded for happy hour (the bar is beautiful), so try to snag a table if you can. We love the crispy rice balls!

9. The Little Beet – when this first popped up, I started going all of the time. It’s one of my favorite lunch spots in the area because it’s healthy and also really delicious. I love their salmon with veggies and delicious sauce, and they also have a great poke bowl in the summer.

10. Wagamama – I was so so so excited to hear that this European noodle sensation was not only coming to the US and New York, but right across the street from our office. I ate there 3-4 times a week between lunch and dinner in the winter and have to say, they really do have some of the best ramen I’ve had here. The restaurant is huge, too so you don’t have to wait an hour and a half (like some great ramen spots) to sit and enjoy your food. They also have a ton of other things, not just ramen!

If you’re coming to New York soon or live here and haven’t ventured to Flatiron, put it on your list!


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