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December 16, 2016
Bucket List Updates

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As the year comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what a fun and exciting one it has been. We’re going to be uptown on Saturday for a little bit enjoying the Christmas decorations and doing a little shopping and I started thinking about my NYC bucket list and wondered how many new things I’ve checked off in the past few months.

The good news is that we’ve actually made some progress without even realizing! Here are the latest updates:

 #16. NY Giants Game

My birthday gift to MG was tickets to the game against the Bengals. It was a Monday night game and one of the last warmer fall days we had, so perfect for a little MNF!

#21. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Our friends had a housewarming in September at their apartment and after an afternoon of celebrating that and our friend Kelly’s birthday over in Brooklyn Heights we decided to walk home over the bridge and finally check that off our our bucket lists. It was super crowded and full of selfie sticks, but the architecture is absolutely stunning.

#42. Eat in every major neighborhood (Financial District, Chinatown)

Now that we’re living downtown we’ve had a chance to try a few more restaurants in our area. I also realized I didn’t have Flatiron on the list and that was an easy one to check off since it’s by our office. I’m actually headed to Dirty French tonight, which I’m really excited to try! Recent places we’ve been too: Supper (East Village), Dorlan’s Tavern (Seaport), Speedy Romeo (LES), Barbuto (West Village), Piccolo Angolo (West Village), and Carnegie Deli (Midtown) one last time with my parents before it closed.

#43. Go to Comedy Cellar

We went a few weeks back for my friend Molly’s birthday and I still don’t know why it took me so long to go. The show was hilarious – I left with a podcast that I’m now following especially on days when I need a good laugh.

I added 3 more to the list (Nutcracker Ballet, Stone Farms at Blue Hill, and see a performance at Carnegie Hall) and will be hoping to check a few more off these off before my birthday in 2 weeks!

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