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March 21, 2011
Featured In: What Would V Wear, Icon-Americana

It’s always incredibly flattering to be featured on fellow bloggers’ sites and today I’m grateful to bring you two awesome bloggers who have done this for me! Thank you to Vanessa and Rick for the features, I’m so thankful! Check out their blogs What Would V Wear and Icon Americana when you have a chance and send them some love!

Link to article here

Link to article here

Hope everyone had a great Monday – today one was one of the best ever for me! Exciting news coming on Friday :)

Yay congrats doll! You definitely deserve the recognition. Your style is fierce!


Aw, thanks love!

You look gorgeous in these photogs, as always, my dear! Loving your look in the first photo – you can totally pull off the head wrap so well.


Aw, thanks Maris! :)

yay for you!! you look amazing!


Le Kiss Kiss- Texas Gal Bloggin Fashion from NYC!

I hope you move back to Dallas Fran! we could be picture taking buddies :)

that’s so cool, you totally deserve the features! lol i’ve been surprised myself a couple times when i’ve been browsing a blog and find myself looking at a picture of me being featured on their blog! totally surprising but so sweet! :)

Fashion Bag 411

Thanks Liana! I know, it’s crazy! It’s always so flattering isn’t it?

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