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July 15, 2015
Discovering Instagram Accounts

discovering instagram accounts, effin shop, wanderlust and co, the beach people, cocobelle sandals

 Now that Instagram has expanded their capabilities it’s much easier to find people who are similar to you and your interests. One of my favorite things about the little app is finding new shops and stores that are outside of the box. As much as I love shopping at my favorite haunts, I love finding a new and unique piece that you have to seek out.

There’s not really a secret to finding ones you like, but I have found that a couple of things help me land on some pretty awesome ones that I have fallen in love with.

  • Look at who your favorite people follow – tried and true, I think it’s so interesting to see who everyone else is interested in. If I trust their taste, I trust who they are letting flood their feed everyday
  • Scroll through hashtags that you enjoy – I admit, I’m not the best at this one but am slowly getting better. One my blog goals is to find a few that better fit my style and aesthetic and I end up discovering some really awesome people through those
  • Ask friends – It’s actually a very common brunch topic that comes up quite a bit.. peppered in with The Fat Jewish posts I’ve actually learned about a few cool people and shops over eggs benedicts and bloody mary’s

There are 4 shops that I’ve recently discovered through Instagram and thought would be fun to share. I’m looking forward to placing a few orders with these great shops. Enjoy and feel free to share others you’ve discovered in the comments!

1. Wanderlust and Co  |  Website  |  Instagram

For simple and on-trend jewelry that’s affordable

2. Effin Shop  |  Website  |  Instagram

Easy, breezy summer styles that are mostly under $100 – Use code VIEWFROM5FT2 for 15% off your order!

3. Cocobelle Designs  |  Website  |  Instagram

Minimalistic and unique sandals that stand out from the usual suspects

4. The Beach People  |  Website  |  Instagram

An updated beach towel in a round shape – perfect for the beach, picnics & more

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