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February 13, 2011
American Express Tweet Up from #MBFW

	Charlotte Ronson

I have barely been able to catch my breath, let alone post because of my crazy schedule here this weekend at fashion week. It has honestly been one of the most amazing (extended) weekends of my life! I have so much to share with you guys, I can’t wait!

Have you been following along with NYFW coverage on the web/Twitter? If you aren’t following me yet, you definitely should! Find me: @cpetric. I’ve been tweeting live from Lincoln Center and around town and will be involved in an American Express Tweet Up event tomorrow in the Skybox at Lincoln Center. Our tweets will feed to screens in the main tent of fashion week, so if you’d like to be mentioned just make sure you follow me and then tweet at me for a mention!

If you want to see more tweets around NYFW, search for the hash tags #MBFW and #NYFW and you should find plenty of great info. Bloggers, designers, and media outlets have all been flooding Twitter with fantastic inside snippets into the most fashionable week in New York. Well, other than the other most fashionable week in September.

Looking forward to Jenny Packham tomorrow! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :)


You’re going to have a blast from the Tweet Box! Wish I was still there to join you, doll :)
It was SO great meeting you. I can’t wait for next fashion week and more fun.


It was so much fun, and of course so great meeting you too! I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you again in September hopefully! :)

great meeting you at the ifb conference. hope you had a wonderful time. i will be reminiscing for days to come still, it was definitely a fantastic and eye opening experience.

Ania B

It was wonderful meeting you too Ania! I will be following your blog :) keep in touch!

love it!


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

Thanks Francesca! Loved meeting you this weekend, keep in touch! xoxo

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