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November 22, 2010
a new kind of casual

Paige premium denim jeans, Forever XXI blouse, Aldo clogs, Jil Sander sunnies, Forever XXI Headband, Navoh clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

What defines the word “casual” for you? It is jeans and a t shirt? Is it flats? Or is it wearing something where you don’t feel dressed up, but you don’t feel dressed down?

For me it’s the last one. I love casual chic looks that are comfortable but aren’t too dressed down. Yes I definitely wander around in my fair share of sweats but for a Saturday afternoon in the city this look was perfect for my mood.

This past weekend I was in San Francisco again and spent a wonderful Saturday shopping and roaming around the city. I love days where you have a plan to do “something”, but don’t actually have a real plan at all. I find that sometimes these can be more memorable than days that you know exactly what you’re doing and have something to look forward to for months.

The Jil Sander sunglasses are a recent purchase from Ideeli, one of my favorite bargain online shops. I’ve been pining for some cat eye sunglasses or retro round ones and these were totally different from anything I had ever seen. I opted to get a tortoise pair for once since everything I normally buy is black – I’m making progress :). When they came, I was so happy to find that they were even cooler than I realized. The frame is not only a great retro shape, but is textured and kind of looks like wood in a way. Check out the close up on them below to see for yourself!

This outfit epitomizes casual chic for me – I love loose blouses because you can be dressed down without feeling too under dressed if you pair them with jeans. These Paige jeans are AMAZING – so glad I chose a black pair. They seriously are the most comfortable jeans I own and I’ve tried just about everything… Citizens, Sevens, Hudson, True Religion, J Brand, etc. If it’s possible the kind of feel like butter. No? Ok. Well that’s all I have in analogies so it’ll have to do. I’m still obsessed with this skinny knotted headband and wish the one I bought in white wasn’t so… white. Perfect example of online shopping gone wrong when you’re unpleasantly surprised to open a box and find that what you bought looks like it was made with fabric picked up on the side of the street in Malaysia. It could’ve been the case, but whatever it looks like a 5 year olds so until I find a way to bedazzle it or somehow make it look less ugly it will continue to sit on my dresser while it’s darker version gets all of the attention.

I would love to hear/see your thoughts on what you think the perfect casual chic outfit is like! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! :)

Turkey day is so soon I can’t wait! Hope you had a fabulous Monday, I just spent the weekend snowboarding in the mountains so I can’t complain! :)

I always love a comfortable jeans. What style Paige is this?

great look! i missed out on those shoes when they were 50% off for a quick second! you wear them well! how are they on comfort? lovely blog btw!

I think Aldo still has them on sale! They aren’t the most comfortable but they’re not the least either :) Thank you!

Loving this outfit! Very chic and pretty.

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