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March 28, 2016
5 Happy Things

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Although we’ve taken a bit of a step backwards from feeling like Spring here in NYC, this past Easter weekend definitely made me feel like we’re closer to one of the best seasons of the year. We spent Friday night in the city celebrating our one year anniversary and then were out in CT for the rest of the time relaxing and hanging with MG’s family for Easter. For a lot of reasons Easter is one of my favorite holidays and definitely an underdog candidate for the award for most people, but not me.

This week is all about basics, my favorite pattern (stripes) and a few life hacks that I hope you’ll find extra helpful! And onto this week’s 5 Happy Things:

1. I’m on the hunt for a bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding and I went googly eyed for this Reformation one.. now just to find it in the right color!

2. Two of my favorite things during the summer are chambray shirts and off the shoulder blouses. What happens when you can combine the two? Total bliss.

3. Discovered a new Insta feed that I love. Makes me want to put wallpaper just about everywhere!

4. This article on why women need more sleep than men. Preach, preach, preach

5. With fresh flowers on my mind and surrounding us at all of the bodegas in NYC I’m looking for new ideas for flower arrangements. Loving this Domino article full of inspo!

Happy Monday, let’s do this!

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