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April 10, 2019
Honeymoon Shopping

shopbop sale

Hi guys! I’m still here (I promise) and have been super focused on the final wedding prep and planning. It has been such an exciting (but busy) time, and I’m trying to soak it in as much as possible.

That being said, I’ve been doing A LOT of shopping ahead of a lot of festivities and of course, our honeymoon. I tell MG everyday how excited I am for the wedding and our trip–we really haven’t ever been on a trip like this just for ourselves and we both can’t wait to be on the beach in full relaxation mode following a weekend full of being with all of our people.

As you can tell, I have that trip on my mind when it comes to what I’m looking for! Shopbop’s sale was perfectly timed because I needed to scoop up a few last things anyway, and right it’s 20% off any order under $500 and 25% off orders over. One of my favorite sale picks are these Levi’s jean shorts in denim and white. They’re not very expensive and fit so well! I ended up getting a pair of each color for this summer.

I’ve also been looking at a zillion cover-ups for the trip, and absolutely love this flowy green cover-up for any vacation. It’s so pretty and easy to throw on after a day at the beach or pool. For the brides out there looking for white, this white cover-up is so simple and beautiful, too. I’m also going to bring one beach bag and a small purse, so I’m loving this little straw bag that can go from the beach to dinner and this colorful straw tote. I also have been on a loafer kick and couldn’t help myself with these straw mules. You’ll be seeing me in these all summer!

1. Black bodysuit • 2. White lace dress • 3. Colorful straw tote • 4. Mini skirt (can also be a cover-up) • 5. Straw mules • 6. White loafers (I wear mine all of the time!) • 7. Flower earrings • 8. Silk skirt (under $100) • 9. Straw beach tote • 10. Floral dress • 11. Green cover-up • 12. Woven mules • 13. White cover-up • 14. Denim shorts • 15. Sunhat • 16. Straw crossbody bag

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