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January 21, 2014

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I’ve always really admired people who are great at interior design, because it’s such a unique art form. You have to have a little bit of an architect-like, Type-A mindset to know how to organize and arrange things in a space but also mixed with the creativity to try things and make it look great.

I have moved so many times I’ve lost count.. at least 1-2 times per year for the past 6 years before I had moved to Chicago. For that reason I could never bring myself to spend very much money on anything for my home.. because I was never there! I still struggle to invest in major pieces just because I would rather wait until I know I’m going to stay in one place for a while, but it’s still so fun to look and really hone in on what I like. The problem is, I like it all!

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West Elm sphere  //  Rosanna hexagonal tray  //  Nate Berkus woven round storage bin  //  Blue crab matches  //  Nate Berkus woven fringe pillow  //  Bone handle magnifying glass

I’m slowly starting to figure it out, but in the mean time I’ve been finding things I like and doing my best to find something similar without breaking the bank. Speaking of, I have a really fun DIY that I can’t wait to share as soon as the rest of the materials come in! Hint: It’s in the center of my living room :). I’ve been on Pinterest a ton lately and have been seeking inspiration on what to add as accents to our living space. It’s really the little things that make a space stand out! I’m definitely picking up a few of the pieces above because I think they are versatile across many different color schemes and I’m really looking for things that I’ll like and will work as I continue changing my mind. What are your favorite home accents?


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