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April 24, 2011
deep in the heart of happiness

Topshop skirt, Hawks by Geren Ford top, Michael by Michael KORS sweater/heels/bag, H&M fedora, Forever 21 ring, gifted necklace from my sister, Topshop AWOL nail polish

Happy Easter! xoxo. What an incredible day :) can’t help but be happy on a day like today! I was on Twitter earlier today and saw an incredibly perfect tweet from Jeannie Mai of ‘How Do I Look?’ that went a little something like this: He died –> I live. It’s really that simple. #happyeaster

Bright colors are all I want to wear right now, the more the better! I’m not one to follow rules, so I don’t really believe in the whole ‘no white except between Easter and Labor Day’ thing but I felt like today was the perfect day to break out this white skirt I got from Topshop when I was last in New York. I’m pretty sure I’ve been hunting down a perfect white skirt for about 2 years so when I finally found one that fit well I wasn’t about to let it slip away.

How was your Easter? Hope you were able to spend time with family and celebrate the goodness that is today!

That’s an awesome necklace gifted from your sister! Rocking the color blocking ;)

Beautiful outfit! Love all the colors together!

Love these colours! Perfect Easter outfit, and that tweet is simply the truth. Thanks for sharing.

xo L.

Thanks Leah! Hope you had a wonderful Easter too :)

the colors are perfection, you look like a perfectly dyed Easter egg!

haha, thanks Kendall that’s totally what I was going for :)

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