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January 15, 2012
Changing Tides


Since moving to Chicago, there has been nonstop newness in my life! Let’s see… new city, new job, new home, new places to eat, new jackets & coats, new makeup & skincare routines, new views, new Twitter look, new Dunkin Donuts coffee addictions, and most importantly – new friends. Oh and I almost forgot! As of yesterday, car-less (my first car that I bought myself is sold)! If you’re on Instagram, follow me to keep up with my daily doses of inspiration: viewfrom5ft2.

yay! i am loving all your new adventure pictures. love the new RM bag too. and, well, loving you.



What an exciting time for you! Excited to see your photos from Chicago. I’ve recently become an instagram addict, so I’m totally following you now!

Thanks Bettina! I know, it’s so addicting I love it! I’m glad you’re following I’ll find you too :)

Such an instagram addict I am. Love following you.

Ditto – will I be seeing you in Feb my love?

I didn’t realize you moved to Chicago (welcome!). Hopefully we’ll bump into each other at events in the future.

Well thank you!! :) I hope so too, definitely let me know if you’re headed to something fun I’m always up for new adventures!

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