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April 11, 2016
5 Happy Things

5 happy things, miami

Hellloooo and Happy Monday! What were you guys up to this weekend? For anyone that loves (or even doesn’t love) golf I hope you had a chance to catch some of the Masters. I find golf to be enjoyable live and incredibly perfect for napping if it’s on TV, but always enjoy seeing this tournament. I also had to pull for our Dallas boy, Jordan Speith (who still played so well and kudos to him for a great run)!

This weekend was quiet for the most part and I checked all of my weekend boxes (worked out, cleaned, caught up on sleep, worked on some upcoming posts and saw some friends) which always makes me happy.  I also had a chance to discover a ton of new things this week, so this week’s 5 Happy Things is full of things you may not have heard about before!

1. Ramy Brook is a designer that just popped up on my radar last week and I have to say, I’m so excited about her Spring/Summer collection that is coming out in the next few months! Vibrant, soft and made from Japanese tech fabric, the pieces are perfect for summer and some upcoming trips to warmer places.

2. I started my Sunday off with a little blowout thanks to Vive! You can find salons near you last minute for a quick fix and that little pampering to get you on your way to your events. I signed up through a new company setting to launch called Healthkick! You can get unique perks to health, wellness and fitness companies like Vive, Swerve, Bari, AKT, Munchery and more for your company and fellow employees. Definitely worth checking out and sharing!

3. Thanks to an amazing presentation from Alexa Von Tobel a few weeks ago at work, I’ve had finances on my mind lately. This entire series “Money Diaries” on what it’s like to live in different cities at various salaries has been one of my favorite things to scan through as of late. Although I will say, none of the NYC ones have been as high on the rent and food expenses as most of the people I know, so I’m curious to see what other profiles they do.

4. After trying my friends’ palette at work I’ve determined that the Laura Gellar eyeshadow palette is the perfect one-stop shop for anyone with slightly olive or medium skin tone. The shades are all warm and the right mix of matte and shine – I’m going to have to snag one for myself ASAP!

5. Do you live near a Benefit? After taking a tip from a friend at the office I’ve become hooked on their brow tint + wax. My asian eyebrows need a little fill from time to time and this has quickly become a monthly go to if you’re able to try it out!

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