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February 8, 2017
How To Create & Maintain A Perfect Bouquet

flower bouquet 101, how to care for flowers, flower care 101, flower bouquets

flower bouquet 101, how to care for flowers, flower care 101, flower bouquets

flower bouquet 101, how to care for flowers, flower care 101, flower bouquets

flower bouquet 101, how to care for flowers, flower care 101, flower bouquets

I’ve been really excited about this post for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I have been wanting to learn more about flowers for a long time. I’ve had quite the black thumb for as long as I can remember, but flowers are something I love and appreciate so much. There’s something so refreshing about having fresh flowers around – it just automatically makes walking into the room feel different.

As tough as it is to pick out and curate a gorgeous arrangement, it’s even tougher sometimes to keep them alive. I’m always trying to extend the life of my bouquets and looking for tips. My friends over at B Floral took some time to walk me through some of the basics of creating a beautiful bouquet and taking care of it.

Keep reading for more tips!


This bouquet is stunning! Can you share what flowers were in it?

The arrangement was created using ranunculus, lisianthus, and spray roses in creams and whites. We tied the different elements of the arrangement together using a modern mirrored vase.

Why did you choose those styles to combine together?

As we designed this arrangement, we set out to combine both modern and traditional style elements. We chose to use only cream and white florals to create a sleek, winter feel. All of the floral varieties we added had a delicate aesthetic, which provided lovely contrast to the modern vase.

I’m a beginner at creating my own bouquets. What are 3 easy styling tips you’ve found to be key to creating a beautiful bouquet?

As you begin to style your arrangement, start placing blooms with the biggest heads in the center of the vase to create a full base. After your base is set, fill in your arrangement with smaller flowers and greenery to create a natural flow. Before you finish, make sure to rotate your arrangement a few times to view it from all angles, so you can add or remove blooms if necessary.

What are your favorite year-round flowers and why?

One of my favorite year-round flowers is the garden rose. This type of rose has an amazing fragrance that will enhance your home or event venue all year-round.  Another flower we use often at B Floral is the Holland hydrangea. This variety comes in a wide array of colors, so it has great versatility as you create an arrangement for different occasions.


I just got a bouquet from the grocery store. How do I know what length to cut them? Is it based on the vase or the flower type?

While placing a pre-made bouquet, starting by choosing a vase and then focus on cutting the florals. Hold each flower up to the vase and cut where the stem will reach the bottom of the vase. It may be helpful to initially cut each stem a bit longer and make adjustments- preventing the use of flowers that are too short for your arrangement.

Tell us about proper flower care and what it takes to really extend the life of a bouquet.

Prep is key to creating a healthy arrangement. To begin, remove all leaves that will fall below the waterline to prevent bacteria from forming and poisoning your flowers. It’s important to cut all stems at a 45-degree angle to create a larger surface area for absorption of water. It’s also crucial to change the water in your arrangement every 2-3 days to keep your flowers fresh.

We all knows flowers need water and sunlight, but sometimes it seems like that’s not the only thing to keeping them alive and looking great. What are some of the tricks you’ve learned that can help?

One trick to ensure a long-lasting arrangement is to add either a packet of flower food or a crushed up aspirin pill to the water. Flower food will add a dose of nutrients to your flowers whereas the chemicals within aspirin will kill flower-damaging bacteria. It’s also a great idea to trim the bottom of the stems every 2 days so your flowers will continue to uptake the ideal amount of water.

Help! I’m a guy and flowers intimidate me. I never know what to get my girlfriend/wife. Where do I start?

One gorgeous option to gift your significant other is an orchid! Not only do orchids come in a variety of colors and patterns, they are long-lasting and require minimal upkeep. If you want to go a more traditional route, varieties such as roses, peonies, ranunculus, and calla lilies are simple yet elegant choices. These florals can be found in a wide array of colors so you can personalize any arrangement with your girlfriend/ wife’s favorite colors and overall style.

Thanks to Bronwen Smith the lead designer at B Floral for all of the insights!  


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