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July 11, 2019
Summery Little Black Dress

Summer is in full swing, and outside of soaking up as much of my favorite season as possible we’ve been on the wedding and party circuit. If I have the opportunity to, I’ll choose a dress just about anytime I need to dress up. I’m a big fan of rompers and jumpsuits, and love this one for a short version that can be easily dressed up, but let’s be honest–that comes with it’s own set of problems if you’re drinking champagne all night.

It can be tempting to go a little wild with summer colors and prints and admittedly, I’ve done that many years in the past. I actually have a section of my closest with dresses I desperately need to donate because the patterns are just… not me anymore. Lately I’ve been trying to steer myself in the direction of my tried and true favorites and colors more in my wheelhouse, like white, black and camel. I’ll never go wrong with a little black dress and inevitably it will be one of the first things I reach for when I “can’t decide what to wear.” We’ve had a handful of engagements and other wedding related festivities that have given me a chance to break out some of my favorites. I’m always looking for comfortable heels that can easily be dressed up or down with jeans and blazers and this pair with a tortoiseshell heel from White House Black Market checked all of my boxes.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m absolutely loving the weather and these long days–it makes me a genuinely happier person and everyday wonder what I do when the sun goes down 4 hours earlier the rest of the year. It’s bananas! I’ve been living in easy clothes during the day, like shorts and skirts and slides like these metallic sandals. Some of my favorite summer nights have been walking home and meeting MG at the pub to decompress from a long day.

We thought that post-wedding we would have so much more time, but as life goes we have been crazy busy lately with barely a moment to slow down (or finish our thank you notes!). We leave for Telluride next weekend for one of my best friend’s weddings followed by the arrival of MG’s sister’s baby, and another wedding for some of our closest friends. What’s on your summer agenda for the rest of July?


Petite Little Black Dress • Block heeled sandals • Clutch

This post was sponsored by White House Black Market! As always all opinions are my own

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